Would You Like to Own a Business With a Different Sustainable Advantage?

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By Peter Rowe

A couple of weeks ago Don Norkus, business coach and member of the Navesink Business Group networking organization in Red Bank, NJ, gave a presentation on the characteristics and message of a successful business. Don called it the Law of Marketing – the rule of being first.  His point was that a USP (Unique Selling Program) is…

  • Unique
  • Exciting to the target market
  • Something that will get people talking
  • Something that can’t be copied

Don challenged a few people in the large group to briefly describe their USP. Here is what I would have said about Asea, if there had been a touch more time than could be allotted in a large group.
  • Asea is uniqueIt is the world’s only source of redox signaling molecules outside the body.  These molecules generated by every cell in the body, empower every single cell in the body to function as it should, respond quickly to danger and speed healing when damaged.
  • Ases is exciting to the target marketAsea benefits everyone from the sickest of the sick to the fittest of the fit and everyone in between in amazing ways. Contact us and we will share with you our amazing experiences.
  • Asea is something that will get people talking – The amazing benefits of Asea get people talking and a the word spreads quickly and virally. What if you  had more energy?   What if an embarrassing skin issue quickly cleared up?  What if you  were running faster and longer and recovering more quickly?  What if a chronic health problem disappeared?  What if you were sleeping more deeply than since you were a kid?  
  • Something that can’t be easily copied – Asea is protected by multiple patents.  There will be no competitors for a long time.  Asea is not another vitamin, antioxidant, mineral, energy drink or super fruit drink that will show up on the shelves of big box stores.  The only source of redox signaling molecules ourside the body is from Asea and sold by an Asea Associate.
Asea offers a one month money back guarantee opportunity to try the product and test to see if you have an amazing result.  Contact us if you want to take Asea up on this no-risk trial offer.We think Asea and the associated business opportunity passes the USP test.  Do you?

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